pg vintage stallholder terms and conditions


here’s the legal stuff….

  1. Stallholders who wish to withdraw following acceptance will be subject to a cancellation fee of £10. Cancellations made within a fortnight of the event are strictly non refundable.

  2.  Stallholders must be set up ready for trading by 9.45am. Ready for opening at 10am.  

  3. The named stallholder is expected to be in attendance, and the stall staffed throughout the day. Packing away should not commence before 5pm. 

  4. As this is a vintage event all items for sale must be vintage and pre 1990.

  5.  A table and a chair will be supplied for each stall. If you require additional tables or chairs and If you wish to bring additional display stands or you need access to an electricity supply, please let us know in advance.

  6.  Stallholders must ensure that their stalls are well presented, safe, stable and do not obstruct any fire exits. The front of the stand should ideally be covered down to floor level so as to hide any objects stored below the stand.

  7.  The position of your stall is at the absolute discretion of the organisers however we will do our best to accommodate any special requirements.  

  8. Strictly NO SMOKING at the venue.

  9. No candles/naked flames or oil burners are to be used at any time.

  10.  Any electrical items for sale or in use must be PAT tested